Welcome!  Sanctuary Community Acupuncture will be opening at reduced capacity.

We are dedicated to providing acupuncture that is affordable and accessible for all of San Antonio.
Community Acupuncture offers individualized treatments in a group setting, allowing us to charge only $30 per community acupuncture session.  There is a one-time $15 consultation fee on your first visit.

Your safety is very important to us so we will be implementing strict safety measures as we begin to offer our services once again.  Our Sanctuary Staff will be masked at all times and washing hands after any contact is made.  All surfaces including door knobs, desks, lobby chairs will be disinfected after each guest.  All sheets will be removed after each use and disinfected using solar technology.  Special HEPA filters will be used in open areas along with antiviral air diffusion. 

Sanctuary Community Acupuncture is dedicated to helping all who can benefit from its ancient wisdom.  Our doors are open to all people, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc…

Please click HERE  to find the paperwork and have it filled out and ready when you arrive.

            Farewell, Jessica!

We hope you thrive in your new home of Austin.  We were fortunate to have you in the clinic and will miss your kind demeanor and skillful touch.  We wish you all the best.


We are honored to have Qingyun Xu join our staff. She was a medical doctor for 10 years prior to becoming an acupuncturist. During her time in China she also studied with some of the great Masters of Chinese Medicine. She specializes in treating chronic disease and enjoys treating childhood issues such as ADHD and allergies.

IMPORTANT COVID-19 SAFETY PROTOCOL designed for your safety and the safety of our Sanctuary staff


1) Please cancel your appointment if you have been ill with fever, sore throat, cough or digestive symptoms within the past 14 days or have been in close contact with someone who has.

2) Whenever possible please use the restroom before you come. 

3)  Only the person being treated is to enter the building.  Please have friends or family or your ride return to pick you up. 

4)  Please enter through the main front doors.  You will be guided through the new contactless payment method. 

5)  Every person who enters the building is required to wear a mask.  (this is for the safety of all)

6)  Sit down in the lobby and remove your shoes.  Bring them with you and set them down next to the chair you choose in the community room.

7)  Enjoy your treatment.  Once it is finished please leave community room and continue on through to the exit. 


We are happy to introduce you to our newest staff member, April Torres, licensed massage therapist.  April has trained in the barefoot art of Sarga Bodywork, along with a unique form of bodywork that effectively activates the body’s innate ability to heal itself. NHMTR helps to reset the nervous system and promote healthier circulation of energy. 


         *********  MASSAGES $50  ********


Monday 10am-5pm
Tuesday 2pm-6pm
Friday 7:30am-11am


Wednesday 8am-1pm

Friday 12pm-6pm