Sanctuary Community Acupuncture will be temporarily closing. 


The Sanctuary staff extends greetings from the comforts of our favorite couches. And we hope that you too are finding a new routine at your home that includes slowing down a little, reading that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table or perhaps taking up the cello!  Although there are so many aspects of the current events that are scary and surreal there is one thing that we feel somewhat heartened by.  We take a small amount of comfort that the event shaking humanity awake does not further divide humanity but instead is uniting us behind a common cause.


Perhaps you too are experiencing moments of fight or flight, maybe even panic.  That is a normal response.  Acknowledge these feelings with some self-compassion.  Our ability to adapt to a changing environment is being challenged.


The Taoist perspective looks to the elements of nature to better understand the cycles of life that we move through.  In the life cycle of the tree, for instance, each part of the cycle is essential.  Not one part could be left out and it still be whole.  As much as we want to move quickly through this destructive part of the cycle, it too must occur in order for the soil to be rich enough for the seeds that land.  Of course the fruit tastes delightful, but it wouldn’t have without the rich compost at the tree’s roots.


So here we sit in the muck.  We are here together, composting in a sense. I am reminded of an ancient Tibetan prayer in which one asks to be torn into a thousand pieces.  What about this image brings on this feeling of relief?  From a Chinese Medical perspective it is because it breaks up stagnant energy and trains us to move with the flow of the tide rather than fight it.  When you think of stuck chi (chee) what comes to mind?  Is there a habit or a scenario that shares the same frequency of this stagnation?


The other part of the silver lining to this is that many of us suddenly have more empty space in our days.  I feel confident stating that we have all been overbooked and even a little frantic lately.  (Forgive me if I misspeak)  This is a gift.  Let it not be given in vain.


Try this for a moment.  Place your hands in your lap and close your eyes.  What is one thing about this very moment that you can perceive as pleasant?  You may really have to work at this…hacking your way through the density of fear and unease.  But you can do it.  Be patient.  It may take a few minutes.  But it’s there.  A softness.  A place deep inside you that is unaffected by the winds of change out on the surface.  Stay there a while.  You may even feel the quality of the soil changing, ripening for the seed’s cracking open.  But no, we can not force ourselves into the next phase.  Only through allowing ourselves to be here now, every cell settling into its place, dynamism is born again.


Let’s help each other to remember.  The staff of our north clinic, NOURISH Healing Collective, will be maintaining connection with you through a new Youtube channel, Round the Fire, Round the Well.  Click on this link to subscribe.  It’s sparse now, but stay tuned.


We are happy to be living along side you.  Please let us know if there’s something more we can do to support you at this time.

Jennifer Gwin, Founder

and the Staff at Sanctuary Community Acupuncture


 Welcome to Sanctuary Community Acupuncture.

We are dedicated to providing acupuncture that is affordable and accessible for all of San Antonio.
Community Acupuncture offers individualized treatments in a group setting. This allows us to charge only $30 per community acupuncture session, or just $15 for cupping.

Sanctuary Community Acupuncture is dedicated to helping all who can benefit from its ancient wisdom.  Our doors are open to all people, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc..  And no one will be turned away for inability to pay.

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 We are happy to introduce you to our newest staff member, April Torres, licensed massage therapist.  April has trained in the unique barefoot art of Sarga Bodywork, along with a unique form of bodywork that effectively activates the body’s innate ability to heal itself. NHMTR helps to reset the nervous system and promote healthier circulation of energy. 


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