Allow yourself an hour and a half on the first visit so you will not be rushed. Then complete and print out the paperwork found at the bottom of this page.  Bring it with you on your first visit.
When you arrive kindly remove your shoes and place them on the shoe shelf.  For a community treatment, find an empty recliner chair to sit in.  The acupuncturist on staff will come and quietly discuss with you the issue at hand.  If there is a specific time you need to leave the clinic please let the acupuncturist know at this time.  Then rock back in your recliner and relax.  Between 1-20 acufibers will be inserted in strategic places on the body. After you have rested with them in for at least 20 minutes they will be painlessly removed and disposed of in a Sharps container.


1)   Be sure you’ve had something to eat within 2-3 hours before you come.  Don’t come on an empty stomach.
2)   Wear loose and comfortable clothing that will make it easy to access your arms and legs.
3)   If you have long hair, consider bringing a hair clip to hold your hair up off your neck.
4)   Put your phone on airplane mode or leave it behind. 
5)   You’re welcome to bring soft music or a recorded meditation that you can relax to with your ear buds.
6)   Please respect the quiet environment and speak softly.


Please fill out the paperwork and bring it with you to your first appointment.  You may either fill it out online and then print it or print it first and fill it out by hand.  You must have this paperwork completed before we can treat you.

If you do not have access to a printer please call Jennifer ahead of time and she will have the paperwork there for you to fill out before your appointment.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to do so.

1) Patient Information Form
2) Required Legal Documents